Service Pricing and Packages

Both insurance and private pay are accepted!

See BILLING for more information on insurance payment. There is no need to choose a package with insurance billing.

Pricing and packages below are meant for private pay only. We can further discuss what package best fits your needs after your initial appointment.

Payment is not collected until after your appointment is completed. 


Single 1 hour Session

Initial and Follow-up Sessions

PRICE: $90


The 3 n' 1 Package

Includes 1 Initial and 3 Follow-up Sessions

PRICE: $340

Saves $20

Organic Vegetables

The 6 n' 1 Package

Includes 1 Initial and 6 Follow-up Sessions

PRICE: $560

Saves $70

Fruit Pie

The Intuitive Eating Package

Includes 1 Initial and 10 Follow-up Sessions

PRICE: $825

Saves $165